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What are the costs of SEO services in Switzerland?

Implementing an SEO strategy is fundamental for any company that has a website and wants to improve its online presence.

30-sec summary:

– SEO services in Switzerland typically range from CHF 1000 to CHF 10,000 per month.

– The cost of SEO services depends on factors such as competition, industry, and objectives.

– SEO companies may offer different pricing models, such as fixed-price, hourly, or performance-based.

– It’s important to carefully evaluate the expertise and reputation of an SEO provider before hiring them.

– Investing in high-quality SEO services can lead to long-term benefits for your business.

Simply putting a website on the Internet is not enough to gain significant visibility and generate leads or sales.

Using an SEO consultant or agency allows you to develop an effective strategy to improve your organic visibility.

However, SEO costs in Switzerland can vary enormously, and this for several reasons.

Prices for SEO services range from 1’000 CHF for content optimization to 10’000 CHF for the management of complex website redesign or migration projects in several languages with audit and strategy.

price seo agency or freelance in switzerland

For this reason, it is important to evaluate the different options (agency and freelance) and the associated SEO services when you plan to create a new website or simply improve your existing pages.

Find in this article the important points to take into account if you want to use an agency or a freelance SEO consultant.

Understanding the costs of SEO services in Switzerland

Unlike standard services such as advertising campaign management (the provider receives a percentage of the media budget), SEO services are (usually) customized for each client.

If an agency or a freelancer offers you standard services without defining your needs in detail and your current situation, the results will be limited.

Nevertheless, we can establish a price range for each type of specific SEO services.

1. Audit SEO website

This is the most popular service in SEO, for two main reasons:

  • An audit allows you to analyse in detail and make a precise inventory of the presence of a brand or a website from an organic point of view.
  • It can be generated quite quickly with specialized SEO tools (SEMRush, Ahrefs) and then sold as a service.

If the first reason is imperative to set up an effective strategy, one must avoid trusting providers who offer audits “too easily”

Audit SEO

Tips to ensure that the service is correct

1. A serious SEO provider explains the audit process in detail
2. He wants to sign an NDA (Non Discloser Agreement) or a DPA (Data Process Agreement)
3. It requires access to the company’s own tools (Google Search Console or Google Analytics).
4. It learns about the history and major changes implemented on a site
5. He easily gives the list of tools he uses.

Depending on the complexity of the site (Showcase or E-Commerce) as well as the languages and the number of pages, the rates can vary greatly.

The time spent on an audit of a 10-page company website in one language is quite different from that spent on an international e-commerce website that offers hundreds of products in several languages.

Nevertheless, to give an indication of the price, it is necessary to count between CHF 2’500 and CHF 8’500 for a professional audit provided by a serious provider.

2. Technical optimization of a website in Switzerland

Recommendations and implementation of technical optimizations is a service that is frequently offered.

Generally, the agency or the consultant can accompany the internal teams for the web development of the recommendations which were established during the audit phase.

Therefore, technical optimizations represent the first phase of a successful SEO strategy.

Note that a technical optimization is necessary so that the content of the sites has the chance to be indexed by search engines and generates visits.

Even with a great content, if the website does not meet the fundamentals of technical SEO, it will have little chance to see its pages indexed on Google.

SEO implementation technique

The major points of a technical optimization are the speed of a website, the structure of URLs, the caching of different elements, the sitemap and error pages as well as redirections.

The number of languages

Finally, for websites in several languages, it is also necessary to ensure that the Hreflang are correctly configured to index the pages in the search engine of the targeted country.

In my opinion, this is one of the most complicated services to calculate, because it does not depend directly on the SEO service.

The implementation of the recommendations can sometimes take several weeks if for example the management of the site is managed by a web agency or an external provider.

Also, depending on the CMS (content management system), it can be more or less complicated to implement advanced technical modifications such as caching a part of the site or modifying the urls.

For example, a site created with Shopify is much less flexible than a site created via WordPress.

Here is a price range for a technical optimization service on a website created with a standard CMS such as WordPress. It is necessary to count between CHF 2’500.00 and CHF 5’500.00 if the site is in several languages with a large volume of pages.

3. Keyword research

This is a major service offered by agencies or freelancers.

Keyword research allows you to define the keywords used by prospects to find your services or products.

A very important step, because if your content or your articles are not optimized for specific keywords, they will have little chance of appearing in search engines.

When I offer a keyword service for a company, I define 3-5 main keywords (Seed-Keywords) and research all the keywords associated with them.

Main keywords SEO

I provide a list of 50 to 60 keywords classified by topics (clusters) and especially according to search intentions.

This service also depends on the number of languages in which the keyword search is to be performed.

It is necessary to count approximately CHF 1’200 to CHF 1’500 for 50–60 keywords and multiply this price by two or three, depending on the number of languages.

Advice on applying for a service in Switzerland

  • If you are requesting multiple languages, make sure the analysis is done in each language
  • Translated keywords do not usually reflect reality
  • The words used in French-speaking Switzerland are different from those used in France, as well as in German-speaking Switzerland and Germany.
  • Make sure (with the help of a native) that the keywords are those used in the respective target regions.

4. On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization of a website is one of the most successful SEO services.

For the good reason that it generally requires few resources in terms of development.

It can be managed directly by the service provider without the use of developers or internal client resources.

The key points are the writing of titles and meta descriptions, the optimization of the content of the pages to target a specific keyword. The optimization of images and internal links from one page to another.

Additional on-page optimizations can be proposed in some particular cases.

It is necessary to count CHF 1200 (for a website with little content) to CHF 2’500 depending on the number of pages and the number of articles to be optimized.

5. Content creation

Some businesses do not have the time to manage the content of their website. For this reason, agencies, or freelancers offer content creation services in the form of articles.

These are generally optimized for SEO and target a specific keyword.

A good practice is to define a targeted main keyword and establish all related keywords and search intents.

You can then define with the service provider which items you want to delegate.

The goal was to cover the topic in the most complete way. Each article created must target a keyword or term defined in the search.

SEO Copywriting

In terms of price, some offer items for less than CHF 10.00 created entirely with an AI tool or outsourced to India.

A long-term investment

It is important to remember that SEO is a medium to long term investment. A quality article will be placed relatively quickly at the top of the search engine results, and this for a very long period.

This translates into a daily return on investment if the article is professionally written.

For this reason, I advise you to use a specialized writer (web agency or freelance) rather than using cheap platforms.

In my experience, a complete article of 1200 words that covers a specific theme and is optimized for the web by a confirmed copywriter costs between CHF 600 and CHF 800.

Optimization off-page netlinking

This is, in my opinion, the most controversial service, but also the most popular.

To put things in context, one of the pillars of SEO is the reputation, but also the reliability of a website or content.

The number of links and the legitimacy of the website that links to yours is a central parameter used by Google.

Just like word-of-mouth recommendations, a website that links to your content is considered a “recommendation” by Google.

Google on a macbook screen

That’s why it’s very important to receive links from websites with a high reputation and that are in the theme you are targeting.

This service is often offered by agencies or freelancers. It is important to know that the sale and exchange of links is not authorized by Google.

If this process is detected by the search engine, your website may simply be deleted from its results.

Nevertheless, if the “netlinking” is done correctly, then the benefits are considerable.

Serious agencies or freelancers have a network of partners with whom they cooperate. These are usually their own clients in specific fields.

Therefore, they propose to write articles with high added value to place quality links.

A major asset for the notoriety of a website

This is a very favorable situation for both parties, as one receives quality content for free and the second receives a link to their website.

This service requires a particular experience and a lot of investments from the provider if however the proposed netlinking service is serious.

In any case, you should avoid cheap services that offer 10,000 links for a very low price.

These are often sites that are created specifically to link to other websites.

In the end, they bring very little positive aspect and can sometimes be the source of trouble, especially if they are detected and banned by Google.

The price of a backlink in Switzerland is very large.

You can get a link for free or pay more than CHF 5’000 on big editorial sites with high traffic.

I recommend that you use specialized agencies or freelancers who will propose link campaigns adapted to your needs.

7. International strategy for creating a website

Some agencies or consultants (I am one of them) have specialized in SEO services for international optimization.

It is important to note that a multi-country strategy is different from a single-country strategy.

Special attention must be paid to technical optimizations (Hreflang, Sitemap and website structure).

The choice of domain and the creation of localized content to avoid duplicate content is very important.

The keywords used even if the official language is the same can be different. We search by country to avoid creating content that targets the wrong expression.

Finally, the notoriety part in the form of site links (Backlinks) must be worked on at the local level.

That is to say that the service provider must be able to offer you contacts and solutions in the targeted countries to enable you to obtain quality links.

Since this service depends on the number of countries and languages targeted, it is not possible to define a specific price. It must be established and customized according to the project.

Different SEO service costs abroad

There is a significant difference in the price of SEO services in Switzerland compared to other countries.

The majority of Swiss services are more expensive. If you compare them to the same services offered in France or Germany.

Nevertheless, an SEO strategy is not simply a matter of language.

If technical services can be partly offered and managed by an agency abroad, most of the other services require a particular understanding of a country, its inhabitants and the client’s business sector.

An SEO or freelance agency in Switzerland knows in detail the habits and preferences of the inhabitants of each region.

International SEO Agency

An agency based in Paris or Berlin is unlikely to be able to advise you on an effective strategy for covering relevant keywords on a national scale.

The proximity of a service based in Switzerland is also important. SEO requires a particular investment from the provider, but also from the client.

A special business model

Also, Switzerland has its own economic model.

Our Amazon is Galaxus and our local E-bay is Ricardo. In the same way, internet usage habits are different from neighbouring countries.

The price in France and Germany is the determining factor for generating transactions. Proximity and quality of service are also very important for someone living in Switzerland. ¨

An important nuance to take into account

These kinds of nuances should be an integral part of an effective SEO strategy.

Finally, simply translating content is not enough. Few agencies offer all-in-one services and rely on external providers.

An agency or freelancer that has a national presence normally offers several languages natively.

The price difference could be an interesting aspect at first. However, the lack of expertise in the market and the lack of proximity can be costly factors in the long run.

Using an agency or a freelancer in foreign countries is not a bad thing in itself. However, you have to take into account all the elements mentioned to be sure to make the right choice.

Selection criteria to find an SEO agency or a consultant

It is never easy to find the right partner to accompany you in your strategy. SEO is one of those activities with abstract results, and the offer in terms of services is quite vast.

However, here is a list (not exhaustive) of criteria to consider when selecting your provider

  • Reference customers are a very good indicator, especially if they are Swiss-based customers.
  • Specific experience needed in the field. SEO is complex and requires specific skills (technical, copyright, analytics and netlinking) that take time to acquire.
  • The tools used for audits and management of client sites. Very often, serious providers have official certifications.
  • Results on previous projects. Web agencies or a qualified and serious freelancer has no problem putting forward a legitimate strategy and results.

Non-secret techniques

Most SEO strategies are not secret, if a provider is unwilling to disclose their techniques, there is a problem.

Here is mine, based on three main principles:

  • A website optimized for search engines
  • Relevant content that informs and offers solutions to your prospects’ problems
  • A reputation established through the various links from sites in the same theme

The role of a service provider is to support you through these three main principles, and in no case to offer you “miracle services”.

I invite you to evaluate with the utmost care the specialists of the first position on Google in record time.

A serious agency or a specialized freelancer rarely commits to a particular place in the search engines.

Nevertheless, traffic volume and visibility are key indicators. These can be worked on through an efficient referencing strategy (synonymous with a good turnover).

Conclusion seo services costs Switzerland

When you want to establish an effective SEO strategy, using a specialized agency or freelancer is a very good thing.

Good SEO requires specific skills that can be complicated to acquire or develop internally.

Nevertheless, many parameters must be taken into account. You need to make sure that you have the best partner to support you in an efficient strategy.

Whether with consultants or web agencies, some standard services are to be avoided. Especially when it comes to creating artificial links or automated content using AI.

Finally, depending on your needs, using a foreign agency can be a wise choice for certain services.

The lack of proximity and understanding of the specific Swiss market can nevertheless become a problem in the long term.

The various SEO services can represent a significant total budget. That’s why it’s imperative to evaluate in detail the different providers and your specific needs.

If you have not yet found an agency or consultant for your project, and you wish to discuss it, do not hesitate to contact me.

I will be happy to discuss with you in detail the different opportunities and to make several recommendations, especially if you wish to use an agency.