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Intelligence artificielle dans le marketing digital

AI: how to organize and adapt a marketing team?

Digital marketing is undergoing a real revolution.

While the use of artificial intelligence is not something new in the online industry, the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022 has opened up new opportunities.

Many companies are developing new applications every day to facilitate access to artificial intelligence.

This technological advance may be scary to some, but it is an incredible opportunity for companies and digital marketing teams to grow their business exponentially.

Here’s why and how to organize your digital marketing team to make the most of artificial intelligence.

30-sec summary:

– The launch of ChatGPT in November 2022 provides new opportunities for companies to develop applications that facilitate AI.

– AI will revolutionize the digital marketing industry without necessarily replacing some jobs.

– Digital marketing teams that integrate AI into their workflow will be better equipped to scale their business and test multiple hypotheses simultaneously.

The structure of a digital marketing team

Since the announcement of the launch of ChatGPT, the digital marketing world has been anxious.

We can see a lot of articles appearing on the Internet claiming that some web jobs will disappear because of artificial intelligence.

Editors, copyrighters and sometimes even designers are on the front lines when it comes to replacing their skills with AI (artificial intelligence).

One thing is for sure, the digital world is experiencing an unprecedented change. Like the arrival of computers that replaced typewriters or smartphones that changed our way of consumption.

use of smartphones

For my part, I don’t think that these digital jobs will disappear, on the other hand, I think that copyrighters, editors, and designers who use artificial intelligence will replace those who don’t use it.

AI as a new employee in a digital marketing team

Artificial intelligence is a great tool that allows you to reorganize your priorities on much more strategic aspects. Thus, a human being benefits from an employee who can manage tasks 24/7.

Communication channels are constantly multiplying. Every year, new platforms with their specific codes are created.

The days when a simple press release sent to the major publishing houses was enough to create a buzz for a product launch are over.

Brands now have to be very creative to attract the attention of a highly fragmented audience

Stop-scrolling is the holy grail nowadays, there is no question of altering the user experience with advertising.

And, this is finally a very good thing, because (for the moment) artificial intelligence is not built on empathy and understanding of the desires of a prospect.

The new skills of marketers

To put it simply, a digital marketing team typically consists of:

  • Marketing manager: responsible for digital activities within the company
  • Content marketing manager: responsible for the content created for the different digital channels (website, social networks, advertising)
  • Performance marketing manager: in charge of advertising activities on the various acquisition channels (Google, Meta, Programmatic)
  • Analytics manager: responsible for tracking and reporting on digital activities
Digital Marketing Team

Once the main structure has been established, new, more specific skills are added to enable the activities to be scaled.

SEO Manager, Copyrighter, Designer, A/B tester are new people who form the digital marketing team.

Finally, the last step is to double or even triple (especially in Switzerland and because of the many official languages) the number of staff.

The power of artificial intelligence for digital and e-commerce

A fundamental aspect of digital marketing is the recurring implementation of growth loops:

  1. Test a hypothesis with a new campaign, feature, or content on social networks.
  2. Efficiency is measured with tracking tools
  3. We optimize the hypothesis for better results

Each new hypothesis requires a lot of effort and coordination between the different teams.

This limits the possibilities of scalability and the number of hypotheses tested in parallel.

And that’s exactly why artificial intelligence is the perfect solution to this problem.

Simplify and automate digital marketing activities

Artificial intelligence simplifies production and increases the number of iterations.

Thus, a person in charge of the performance marketing department will be able to test many variations of ads generated by artificial intelligence.

Based on the inputs from the team’s copyrighter, titles, descriptions and calls to action can be generated very easily thanks to AI.

Digital campaign with artificial intelligence

Each campaign is now provided with different variants to test the effectiveness of each of them.

In the same way, artificial intelligence can be used to create content structures (templates) that allow us to focus on distribution rather than creation.

A social media manager can create and plan posts and focus on different audiences to optimize their content.

An SEO manager can also benefit from artificial intelligence to simplify content creation. Article structure, title, and keyword research are functions available with AI.

We can finally use AI as a source of inspiration. A market study that used to require several days of research can be done much faster.

Identifying your target audience or defining the needs of a particular user are now relatively accessible data.

From these examples, we can see that it is not at all a matter of replacing a person, but rather of expanding their area of expertise.

To summarize, AI does not replace humans, it helps them simplify, automate and accomplish tasks, which offers the possibility of scaling another activity or skill.

My selection of the 3 AI-based tools for digital marketing

Although ChatGPT is undoubtedly the application that offers the most possibilities and is experiencing unprecedented success, there are other tools that can simplify digital marketing activities.

I suggest you discover three AI-based tools that can save you precious time (without taking your job :)).

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is an application that allows you to create optimized texts for search engines. Based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and automatic natural language processing, it analyses web pages to propose content optimizations.

Surfer SEO landing page

Key features

  • Content Editor is the function I use the most. In the form of a wizard, it allows you to optimize the content of an article. By giving indications on the frequency of appearance of keywords, the structure of titles and the optimal number of images according to the size of the article. It is based on the other articles that occupy the first place in the search results for the targeted keyword.
  • Keywords research allows you to have a list of relevant keywords classified by groups (Content clusters) with the monthly search volume and the degree of difficulty to be positioned in the first place.
  • Audit is an important feature when it comes to editing and updating the content of a website. Recommendations are generated to optimize on-page and off-page SEO.
  • Domain Planner allows you to have a global idea of the presence of a website and to receive recommendations of type of articles and content to improve its online presence.
  • SERP Analyser (which I rarely use) allows you to analyse the results page of a search engine to understand what type of page and content are positioned first for targeted keywords.

Specially designed for :

People and companies who want to improve their SEO with the power of artificial intelligence (ia) without creating copy/paste content without interest for their audience. Note that the customer service is excellent with a very fast response time by email.


Surfer SEO offers three standard plans as well as an enterprise plan.

  • Basic $49/month for 120 optimized posts per year
  • Pro $99 / month for 360 posts
  • Business $199 / month for 840 posts
SEO Surfing Price List

The Basic plan is perfect for an entrepreneur or marketer who creates content regularly.

For small and medium-sized businesses with a team already in place, the Pro plan is the perfect choice.

Finally, the Business Plan is for agencies that create content for multiple clients.


When you work in digital marketing, presentations are part of your daily routine. Whether it’s presenting an idea, pitching an offer to a client or creating a report for a meeting, “creating slides” is an integral part of a marketer’s skills.

In my experience, it is sometimes difficult to get an idea across without ending up with slides filled with sentences that are not easily digestible.

Beautiful.ai is the solution to create perfect presentations without having graphic design skills.

Beautifu.ai landing page

Key features

  • Template: A large database of slides and presentations are available to provide a basis for a professional presentation in a very short time.
  • DesignerBot: the flagship feature for me. You can create slides simply by writing what you want to appear. The written ideas can be transformed into a slide in a few minutes.
  • Personalization: Once the slides are created, you can add your logo, font and different elements to reflect your visual identity (or that of your company).
  • Analytics: An unusual feature that allows you to identify user interactions and the time spent on each slide. This way you can identify friction or slides that are not comprehensive enough and improve your presentations.

Specially designed for :

Anyone who wants to create professional presentations quickly. Whether it’s for a conference, a start-up, a meeting or for school projects, Beautiful.ai is the perfect companion.


Beautiful.ai offers two subscription plans, a special corporate plan and a project-specific format.

  • Pro $12/month for individual use
  • Team $50/user/month for collaborative work
  • Ad Hoc $45/project perfect for a specific project
Liste de prix beautiful.ai

The Pro plan is the solution for an entrepreneur or marketer who wants to present his work quickly.

For a marketing team, the team version offers the possibility to collaborate on presentations and add their own visual identity elements (logo, font, etc.).

Finally, the Ad Hoc plan is perfect for students who need to create a presentation for an annual study or project.


In my opinion, this is the best application in terms of productivity. Notion allows you to create projects, task lists, email templates, articles to organize your personal and professional activities.

As of February 2023, the app now offers to create AI-based text and elements. This makes it a great companion for most content creators.

Notion.so landing page

Key features

  • Customizable modules: This feature allows you to create projects, wikis, article pages and notes. They can be organized as a database.
  • Third-party applications: Notion can very easily integrate (or be integrated) with Google Drive, Zapier, Trello, etc.
  • Templates : Notion offers basic templates that can cover most of the needs of the web business. Whether it’s a CRM, standard emails to canvass customers or project management through a Kanban-type dashboard.

Specially designed for :

The tool has become very popular for personal and professional organization. It is used by millions of users all over the world. It has become a must-have since it has integrated artificial intelligence for content creation.


Notion offers 3 standard tariffs as well as an enterprise tariff and Notion AI as additional features

  • Free: Free ! Features for personal use
  • Plus: $8/user/month to organize collaborative projects
  • Business: $15/user/month for multiple teams and projects
  • Notion AI: $8/user/month to use the power of AI
Price list notion.so

The free version is perfect for individual use for both personal and professional projects.

For a collaborative project or a small team, the Plus version is a very good solution

The business plan is intended for agencies or companies that want to use Notion as a central tool. Whether it is for the management of the company, projects, or tasks.

To conclude

Artificial intelligence (AI) brings a new dimension to digital marketing.

Although it may raise fears about the disappearance of certain digital-related jobs, it undeniably offers new opportunities for marketing teams.

To take advantage of AI, marketing teams need to rethink their structure and adapt their capabilities. Only then can they get the most out of this new technology.

Again, marketers who master AI will likely replace those who do not.

In short, AI offers an incredible opportunity to grow your business exponentially.

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