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The latest news about digital marketing in Switzerland and the five pillars: SEO, Online Advertising, Social media, Web Analytics and Email Marketing.

Newsletter avec intelligence artificielle

How to create a newsletter with AI in 2023?

The newsletter is an excellent way to create strong links with your audience. Too often underestimated, it is one of the most effective acquisition channels. Unlike an advertisement on a website, prospects or customers have…

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Importance d'un site internet

Why does your company need a website?

Today, in an increasingly connected world, having a website has become a must for companies. I asked a web design agency in Montpellier to provide me with the main reasons why having a website is…

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Advertising statistics-Switzerland

Advertising Statistics 2022 in Switzerland

The advertising landscape in Switzerland continues to develop. In 2022, we could see quite significant changes in terms of use of the different advertising media, but also in the ranking of the main advertisers. Media…

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Evolution du SEO et topic clusters

The evolution of SEO with topic cluster

SEO is a main part of a successful digital marketing strategy. It is nevertheless one of the most complicated disciplines, as results are a rather abstract science. Nevertheless, some recommendations, after extensive testing, have been…

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