Essential tools, templates, books on digital marketing, the sales tunnel and much more

The essentials of
digital marketing

Find in this section all the essential tools for your digital marketing strategy

In this section, I have put together articles that bring the essentials and practical tools of digital marketing to help and support you in your online strategy.

Photo d'illustration d'un indépendant comparé à une agence

Agence or Freelancer

A full comparison of both solutions

Discover the best option for your needs, the pros and cons, and the different points to consider making your choice:

  • Flexibility in terms of schedules
  • The services offered and the scalability
  • The needs and the rates
Payement system for perfect sale funnel

Sales Funnel

How to create an effective online Sales funnel?

The sales funnel is one of the central elements of the digital marketing strategy. The best practices to implement an effective sales funnel in the digital marketing strategy

  • What is exactly a Sales funnel?
  • Identify your prospect
  • the 4 main phase of a sales funnel
Marketing team dans une société

Digital marketing Team

What is the best digital marketing organization?

Setting up and organizing the digital marketing team requires certain skills such as SEO, online advertising or email marketing

  • Objective-based structure
  • The main functions of digital marketing
  • Team models and structure
Un ordinateur avec les 5 meilleurs outils du Marketing digital

5 best digital marketing tools

The essential tools for digital marketing

There’s no easy way to quickly identify the best digital marketing tools, here are the top 5 of the best marketing tools every Marketer should use in 2022

  • Analytics, SEO & SEM
  • Email marketing
  • Heatmap website