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Transforming small and medium-sized businesses’ digital presence with data-driven SEO, SEA, and Web Analytics solutions for maximum lead generation.

My Story

My name is Julien Vidal, I am a digital marketing consultant from France and I have been living in Switzerland, in the canton of Zurich, for 15 years now (2008).

Working in marketing since 2001, I have specialized over the years in digital marketing.

My expertise covers essential acquisition channels such as search engine optimization (SEO), online advertising (SEA), social media management (SMM), email marketing and strategic content creation.

These skills allow me to develop personalized digital strategies adapted to the specific needs of each company.

Julien Vidal - Digital marketing Consultant


With a degree in graphic design, I have also obtained several certifications such as the “Google Analytics individual qualification” as well as the certification for advertising strategies “Google Ads fundamentals”.

Professional experience

After finishing high school and obtaining my bachelor’s degree in 2001, I first worked in a design office for the first three years of my professional career.

At that time, the Internet was nothing like what it is today. However, being quite curious about this new technology, I was quite amazed by the community sites (Myspace, Caramail, Skyblog) that managed to finance their activities through subscription models.

2003 – Internet

In October 2003, I joined the first “100% internet” project in parallel with my professional activity as an industrial designer.

I was in charge of developing the activity of a very famous website in Europe: tilllate.com

The business model was based on creating an audience, which was monetized through the traffic that members generated on the platform.

These were also my first experiences in SEO. In 2003, reaching the first position on Google was relatively simple, you just had to place the targeted keyword all over the page to take the first place in the search results.

Followed five years of development of the digital activity of the platform through the different acquisition channels (organic, paid and partnerships).

2008 – Switzerland

The business has grown exponentially. By 2008, the platform had thousands of users, generating several million visits and page views each month.

That’s when I decided to join the Headquarter based in Switzerland and use my experience in digital marketing in France on an international scale.

2009 – Axel Springer

In 2009, I got an offer to join the Swiss Axel Springer group, which had just acquired three Swiss community platforms: usgang.ch, students.ch and partyguide.ch.

In charge of the development of the digital activity, I elaborated at first the acquisition strategy thanks to the natural referencing. As well as paid advertising and national partnerships. I also set up synergies between the different platforms.

In a second step, I redefined the user experiences of usgang.ch and partyguide.ch to establish two distinct audiences and avoid the cannibalization effect.

2013 – local.ch, search.ch and Swisscom

I joined the Swisscom group in 2013 and integrated the web team of the official Swiss directory: local.ch.

I established the acquisition strategy (SEO and SEA) that contributed to the traffic growth, taking the site from 4 Mio. Unique users and 15.5 Mio. Visits per month to 4.6 Mio. (+15%) unique users and 22.5 Mio. (+45%) visits after 2 years (source: Official NET-Metrix Publication March 2015)

In the summer of 2015, search.ch and local.ch merged and became localsearch.ch. The challenge for me was to keep the organic visibility of both platforms despite their content being very similar.

The implementation of a strategy of topic clusters for each platform has allowed to differentiate the authority on certain topics and to perpetuate the organic traffic.

2018 – Vorwerk international

I decided to join the “Thermomix Headquarter” as a marketing performance manager and supported the digital marketing activity in 16 countries.

My main activities were to implement an international SEO strategy, as well as the optimization of the digital paid activity. Also, I developed and standardized the processes (campaigns, reporting, etc.) to scale the online activity and generate more leads in each country.

2020 – Pandemic COVID-19

In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many lockdowns were put in place. I participated in the digitalization of the entire Vorwerk company, and we implemented the “virtual demo” in less than two weeks.

We developed the tools, digital communication within the prospects and representatives on the different acquisition channels. We made sure that the business continued to operate despite the restrictions. It was a record year for Thermomix sales. (Article in French)

That’s when I realized that a lot of companies in Switzerland didn’t really have digital visibility, and some had to close down permanently.

2022 – Freelance

I decided in November 2022 to start my own business to help companies in their digital strategy. I can now use my 20 years of experience in digital marketing and the various acquisition channels and contribute to success of different companies.

Picture if the hold city of Zurich
Jun 2003
Opérations Diretor

tilllate france SARL

Jun 2003
Sep 2009
Head of product management

Axel Springer Schweiz

Sep 2009
Mar 2013
Head of Audience

localsearch (swisscom directories)

Mar 2013
Feb 2018
Head of Digital Marketing

Vorwerk International

Feb 2018
Oct 2022
Digital Marketing Consultant

Vidal digital consulting

Oct 2022

What my clients said…

Julien nous a accompagné sur les stratégies de marketing web et e-commerce. Grâce à son expertise, les projets de refonte e-commerce et la mise en place de POC intégrant de nouvelles techno web ont été de belles réussites.
Sophie Grange
Sophie Grange
Working with Julien Vidal is very rewarding and a great pleasure. He can work across multiple projects and deliver always high volume of quality work. He has a strong knowledge on data analysis, SEA, SEO, email marketing and performance marketing. Thanks to Julien our company has improved not only its online presence and organic traffic but also the leads generation figures, online sales and PPC conversion rate.
Raquel Caamaño
Raquel Caamaño
Julien Vidal is a digital marketing visionary and exceptional leader! As the Head of Marketing at Vorwerk, he masterfully handled performance marketing, data analytics, programmatic campaigns and e-mail marketing across our organization. Moreover, Julien's pivotal role in establishing a dedicated Data Analytics team and implementing GA4 has revolutionized our data-driven decision-making capabilities. Thanks to his SEO skills, our organization has taken a giant leap forward in understanding and optimizing our digital strategies.
Alina Mc
Alina Mc
I worked with Julien Vidal in the context of digital marketing & analytics, and was impressed by his know-how, customer-orientation, resilience and his capacity to find solutions to further develop the business. Thank you for your support, your professionalism is greatly appreciated !
helia burgunder
helia burgunder
Top SEO und SEA Skills! Hohe Expertise und Know How in den Bereichen Online Werbung und Web Analyse. Zudem sehr sympathischer und netter Kontakt! 🙂 Ich habe immer sehr gerne mit Julien zusammen gearbeitet! 👍🏻
Isabell Kremser
Isabell Kremser
Kompetent, effizient und auf den Punkt. Mit Julien zusammenzuarbeiten ist einfach super, weil er in kürzester Zeit versteht, was ich von ihm brauche und das pünktlich und in einer überraschend guten Weise liefert. Zudem schätze ich sehr, dass er auch als Sparring Partner Vorschläge einbringt, an die ich von alleine nicht gekommen wäre. 10 points!
Michele Aggiato
Michele Aggiato
I've had a great experience working Julien when we worked at Vorwerk and collaborated on the PPC and SEO strategy for the UK market. He is knowledgeable, professional, responsive and patient. Julien was able to answer all my questions and elaborate on the proposed strategy to ensure all UK market's needs were addressed in the timely manner and within available budget. As a result, together we improved Vorwerk online presence in the UK and drove more traffic to our website. We've seen significant improvements in our search rankings and website traffic. I highly recommend Julien's agency to anyone looking to improve their online marketing efforts.
Victoria Hutton
Victoria Hutton
Pure passion! Julien is what your digital business need, when you need it! Intelligent and energetic, no matter how much you know about organic and paid traffic for your business, he always find the way of making it understandable and easy. Do no hesitate to skyrocket your business with him!
carmen picazo
carmen picazo
Nach langer Zusammenarbeit kann ich nur Positives berichten. Julien Vidal ist sehr engagiert und hat eine hands-on Mentalität. Er verfügt zudem über sehr fundiertes Fachwissen in verschiedensten Online-Marketing-Disziplinen. Absolut empfehlenswert 👍👍👍
Sebastian H
Sebastian H
I had the pleasure of working with Julien on a complex international website relaunch that included not only a technology change, but also a migration to a new domain. I was extremely impressed with his expertise and results in managing the SEO for several countries. Julien not only has a deep knowledge of the best SEO practices and strategies, he's also committed to the delivery part and the high quality implementation of the required activities. I highly recommend Julien for any business looking to improve their online presence and search engine performance.
George Papadongonas
George Papadongonas

Media and publications

As a freelancer, I’ve been lucky enough to appear in different media, here are some articles and columns about my vision of digital marketing.

Parution chronique cominmag.ch

How do you integrate AI into your digital marketing team?
(in French)

My column on cominmag.ch about artificial intelligence and digital marketing

SEO trends 2023

SEO trends 2023

A guest article on SEO trends in 2023.

I also have the honour of contributing to Hemlata’s H100 Impact project and organizing webinars as a digital marketing expert.

Personal values and approach

Digital marketing is nowadays an essential part of a company’s global marketing strategy.

In order to be visible online, you have to ensure a constant visibility that covers all the potential customers with whom you wish to communicate. Today, nine out of ten Swiss are present on the Internet and 80% of them connect at least once a day.

To ignore this opportunity is to give up a huge potential of prospects who might be interested in a service or product you offer.

In my experience, for most companies, the mandatory and necessary presence on the Internet is never questioned. The challenge is rather in the strategy to adapt to optimally improve this presence with an audience potentially interested in a defined service or product.

Finding the strategy that works for your company is not an easy task. Especially in a country with no less than 4 national languages.

I use a data-driven approach to develop and implement effective digital marketing strategies.

I test, optimize, report, learn (from my mistakes and my successes) and more importantly, I share them transparently! It is essential for me to be able to communicate to my clients the positive and negative aspects of marketing actions (social networks, emailing campaigns, natural referencing and online advertising).

I am also convinced that it is essential to use my expertise to bring simplicity to the digital activities of the people I accompany.

Digital marketing is evolving very quickly. Today’s successful social networks will certainly not be tomorrow’s.

Understanding the mechanics between these different actors and using them in an optimal way remains for me a very good investment for any company.

Ville de Zürich - digital marketing

You can have a great product, but if communication fails, it’s like watching a stand-up comedian do a gig in a completely different language.

Steve Jobs – Founder of Apple